Connecticut Environmental Policy Act (CEPA)

As a State entity, UConn must adhere to the process established by CEPA for evaluating a state action that may significantly affect the environment.  An “action is an activity, or a sequence of planned activities, initiated or proposed to be undertaken by UConn that is funded in whole or in part by the state.  We perform a detailed environmental review for proposals such as new buildings, major renovations, and parking lots.  For information on current and other recent UConn CEPA projects, visit the UPDC website at:

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National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

To a much lesser extent, UConn projects using Federal funds may require an Environmental Assessment (EA) and/or an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  Similar to the CEPA process, NEPA establishes procedural requirements for an EA or EIS and usually the federal funding agency provides specific guidance on the document preparation process.  Certain project types that typically do not have a significant effect on the environment can be documented with a Categorical Exclusion (CE). The NEPA process can also satisfy CEPA requirements, so long as the NEPA document is published/circulated consistent with CEPA requirements for public review and comment. The construction of Discovery Drive was the most recent UConn project assessed under NEPA.

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