Policies, Procedures, and Forms: Rad Safety

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Radiation Safety Programs include Radioactive Materials, Analytical X-ray Equipment, and Laser Safety.  The Radiation Safety Programs ensure the safe use of the radioactive materials and radiation-producing equipment used in research.

Radiation Safety Policies, Procedures, and Forms

Radiation Safety Training

The EHS Employee Safety Training Assessment (ESTA) is the tool that should be used to determine all EHS required training for faculty, staff, or student employees. Supervisors should work with new staff or student employees to complete the ESTA prior to beginning work. Course registration can be done through the links in your ESTA confirmation email or by going directly the EHS training web page.

For Radioactive Materials training, as with many other EHS safety training requirements, individuals must complete radiation safety training prior to working in the laboratory.

  • Users and Non-users: Licensed Investigators must complete and document the Lab-Based Training using the official EHS form with the individual as soon as possible, prior to work, and mail it to us at EHS Radiation Safety at U-4097.
  • Non-User: If an individual will work in the lab but not work directly with radioactive materials, they need to complete the online HuskyCT Non-User Initial Training.  They must register for and complete the training as soon as possible, prior to working in the lab.
  • User: Individuals who plan to work directly with radioactive materials must attend an in-person Initial User Training at EHS.  They must register for and complete the training as soon as possible, prior to working in the lab.
    • If it will be more than 30 days prior to being able to attend the in-person Initial User Training, they either must not work in the lab until it’s completed or complete the Non-User HuskyCT training to fill in the training gap until they can attend the User in-person course.  However, please note that they cannot use radioactive materials until the in-person Initial User Training is completed.
  • Visitors: Any visitors must be escorted by a Radiation Safety-trained individual in the lab at all times.  If they will be working in the lab more than 30 days or will be unescorted at any time, they must complete the initial Radiation Safety training lessons.