Equipment/Materials Purchases and Acquisitions

  • Woman in open lab at computer. Four jugs of material under fume-hood.


Restricted Equipment

Restricted Materials

Primary Contact

Chemical Fume Hoods

3-D Printers

Nanoparticle Producing Equipment

Emergency Shower and Eyewash Stations

Thin Film Disposition Equipment

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Powder Bed Fusion

Material Jetting


Directed Energy Deposition (DED)

Binder Jetting

Controlled Substances

Ordering Laboratory Chemicals 

Ordering Compressed Gases

Brent Lewchik
Biological Autoclave

Biosafety Cabinet

Cell Sorter

Clean Bench

Flow Cytometer

Laminar Flow Hoods/Benches

PCR Enclosure

Biological Select Agents and Toxins David Cavallaro
Radiological Lasers/Laser Systems

X-Ray Producing Equipment

Radiation Producing Equipment

Equipment Containing Sealed Radioactive Sources

Particle Accelerators

Nuclear Gauges

Self-Illuminating Exit Signs

High Strength Magnetic Field Equipment

Radioactive Material (RAM): Radioactive Material Orders in HuskyBuy Training



RIA Kits

Sealed Sources

Source Material

 Amy Courchesne
Occupational Air Cleaner/Purifier

Atmosphere-supplying respirator

Compressed Gas Manifold Delivery System

Confined Space Equipment

Cranes and Hoists

SCBA (Except for Public Safety)

Escape-Only Respirator

Fall Protection Equipment

Forklift Equipment



Ladder Type I or II

Ozone Generator

Powered Pallet Jack

Space Heater (Unless on Approved Space Heaters List)

Spray Booth

Asbestos Restrictions on Purchases/Projects Val Brangan