HuskySMS - Safety Management System Powered by BioRAFT

HuskySMS is Here!

Important Note: You DO NOT have to already be in a lab/group or to set up your lab (if you're a PI) before you use HuskySMS for training registration/completion or inspection communications.

Don't worry, all of your required online EHS safety training is still going to be available, just better than ever. Thank you for your patience as we transition.

Beginning fall 2020, HuskySMS replaces multiple current EHS tools. HuskySMS is now your one stop shop for:

  • All Things Safety Training
    • Employee Safety Training Assessments (ESTA)
    • Training Registration and Records
    • Online Training Access and Completion
    • COVID-19 Training Confirmations and Certificates
  • Safety Inspections
    • Communication with EHS
    • Self Inspections
  • IBC Registrations
    • Submit
    • Review

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Average time saved reported by university community members using this software for safety management. (2019. BioRAFT. Researcher Productivity Survey)

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