Depot Campus Permit by Rule

Although it is much smaller and has fewer air emissions sources than the Storrs Campus, UConn’s Depot Campus, located on Route 44 in Mansfield Depot, has a number of emergency generators, small boilers, furnaces, water heaters and rooftop HVAC units. Because of the high potential emissions as compared with the campus’ relatively low actual emissions, the Depot Campus is able to operate under the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies (RCSA) §22a-174-33a, Title V “permit by rule”.  

Under RCSA §22a-174-33a, the campus is required to keep similar records and submit similar reports as it did before the expiration of Connecticut’s General Permit to Limit the Potential to Emit (GPLPE), under which UConn was registered. These records and reports demonstrate that the Depot Campus actual emissions remain below 50% of the major source (Title V) thresholds.