Radiation Contacts

List of People
Headshot of Amy Courchesne. Blue shirt, black jacket.Amy CourchesneRadiation Safety Manager, RSO
  • Analytical X-Ray Program
  • Laser and X-Ray Device Registrations
  • Laser Safety Program
  • Protocol Applications and SOPs
  • Radioactive Materials Program
Picture of Peter Babin, wearing a blue collared shirt.Peter BabinRadiation Safety Specialist
Headshot of Cindy Hall. Black Shirt.Cindy HallAdministrative Services Specialist III
  • Clear Air/Laminar Flow Devices Service Call Coordination
  • Committee Information
  • Radiation Monitoring Badges
  • Radioactive Orders
Headshot of Brianna Sullivan. Gray shirt.Brianna SullivanRadiation Safety Senior Specialist, LSO
  • Laser and X-Ray Device Registrations
  • Radiation and Laser Safety
  • Radioactive Material Inventories
  • Radioactive Waste
  • Surveys and Monitoring
Buliding Photo of the Main Accumulation Area (MAA)Main Accumulation Area (MAA)UConn Regulated Waste Collection Facility