Biological Health and Safety Contacts

List of People
Headshot of David Cavallaro. blue shirt, and patterned tie, black glass frames.David CavallaroBiological Health and Safety Manager

Laboratory Biosafety
Biological Agent Risk Assessment
Biosafety Training and Development

Headshot of Michael Besaw. Plaid shirtMichael BesawBiological Safety Specialist II

Biological (Agents/Toxins) Inventory
Laboratory Audits, Biological

Headshot of Danielle Delage. Black ShirtDanielle DelageIBC Program Director

IBC Registrations for Research
Involving Biological Materials
Laboratory Specific Biosafety Manuals
Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)


Headshot of William Field. Red Shirt.William FieldBiological Safety Senior Specialist

Animal Use in Research
Occupational Health / Animal Handlers

Headshot of Cheryl Lebeau Radzvilowicz. Teal shirt and glasses.Cheryl RadzvilowiczBiological Safety Senior Specialist/UConn Sanitarian

Food Safety
Public Health (Non-research)
Youth Camps

Buliding Photo of the Main Accumulation Area (MAA)Main Accumulation Area (MAA)UConn Regulated Waste Collection Facility