Month: November 2023

New Director of Environmental Health and Safety Announced

Sent on behalf of AVP Hans Rhynhart

I am pleased to announce the promotion and appointment of Brent Lewchik as the Director of Environmental Health and Safety for the University of Connecticut, for Storrs and the regional campuses. Director Lewchik graduated from UConn with an undergraduate degree in molecular cell biology, and holds a Master of Science degree in biology, with an emphasis on public health, from the University of St. Joseph. Brent has over 23 years of experience in environmental health and safety, with 21 of those years here at UConn. Leading within UConn’s environmental health and safety program, he has led the development and implementation of policies and education programs to protect workers and to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Additionally, he has overseen the application of nationally recognized standards regarding chemical hygiene, controlled substances, hazardous, biomedical, and other regulated wastes.

As the University’s Chemical Safety Manager, Brent interfaced with and served as liaison for a multitude of state and federal regulatory agencies, addressing compliance issues and concerns in UConn’s laboratories and infrastructure. As the University’s Chemical Hygiene Officer, and a member of the University of Connecticut Chemical Hygiene Committee, Brent managed both the Chemical Safety and Regulated Waste Groups.

Brent has a demonstrated drive to promote a strong safety culture with faculty, staff and students while collaborating with multiple departments across UConn. He has been instrumental in the creation of guidance documents, standard operating procedures, and other educational products to ensure the proper management of hazardous chemicals, controlled substances, and explosives, as well as their associated recordkeeping for students, staff, and faculty engaged in teaching, research, and emergency response. The University of Connecticut is fortunate to have such dedication and commitment to a proactive safety culture within its workforce, and will continue to benefit from his leadership in his new role.

Brent replaces Director Terri Dominguez, who retired from her position in July of 2022, having served the University for over 31 years. Director Dominguez has been instrumental in ensuring a successful transition for this vital role for both the Department and the University.

My thanks to the members of the search committee: Christopher Renshaw (chair), Karen Moré, Colleen Bridgeman, Paulo Verardi, Nathan Alder, Michael Jednak, Stephanie Marks and David Cavallaro.

Please join me in congratulating Director Lewchik.

Hans D. Rhynhart

Associate Vice President

University Safety