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Biological Health & Safety

Biosafety News

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Biological Health & Safety Contacts

David Cavallaro, Manager

Topic Contact Phone
Animal Use in Research William Field
David Cavallaro
Biological (Agents/Toxins) Inventory David Cavallaro 486-3180
Biological Agent Use Registration (BAUR) David Cavallaro
Biosafety Level Determination David Cavallaro 486-3180
Biosafety Risk Assessment David Cavallaro
Biosafety Training Questions David Cavallaro
William Field
Bloodborne Pathogens David Cavallaro 486-3180
Clean Air / Laminar Flow Devices
Service Call Coordination
David Cavallaro
Cindy Hall
Food Safety Training Cheryl Lebeau Radzvilowicz 486-6022
Food Service Inspections Cheryl Lebeau Radzvilowicz 486-6022
General Questions, Biological Safety David Cavallaro 486-3180
Infectious Agents David Cavallaro 486-3180
Laboratory Audits, Biological David Cavallaro 486-3180
Laboratory Design Review, Biological David Cavallaro 486-3180
Occupational Health / Animal Handlers William Field 486-1376
Public Health Issues (non-research areas) Cheryl Lebeau Radzvilowicz 486-6022
Recombinant DNA (MUA) David Cavallaro 486-3180
Select Agent Transfer Registration David Cavallaro 486-3180
Shipping & Transport of Biological Material David Cavallaro 486-3180
Temporary Food Event Permits Cheryl Lebeau Radzvilowicz 486-6022
Youth Camp Inspections Cheryl Lebeau Radzvilowicz 486-6022