Review of the Workplace Hazard Assessment

Certain work environments or assignments require the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  This is determined through a Workplace Hazard Assessment conducted by supervisors or their designees.  Supervisors, including Principal Investigators, must review their Workplace Hazard Assessment(s) with their new employees before they engage in work activities.

Instructions for Supervisors:

  • Refer to the appropriate Workplace Hazard Assessment(s) for the workplace or job tasks to which the employee will be assigned. If a WHA has not yet been completed for the workplace or activity, blank WHA forms, instructions, and compliance information can be found at:
  • Review the WHA(s) and the REQUIRED personal protective equipment (PPE) with the new employee(s).
    • Inform the employee(s) that they are responsible for wearing the required PPE, using it appropriately, and maintaining it properly.
  • Provide the required PPE to the employee(s) and training on its proper selection, use, and care.

NOTE: Supervisors are responsible for providing appropriate PPE to their employees and requiring them to use it. They must also ensure that employees are properly trained on PPE selection, use, and care requirements. For PPE training assistance, contact EHS at 6-3613 and ask to speak to a staff member who specializes in the hazard/area of concern. Several safety training programs are available through EHS that cover PPE selection, use, and care requirements.

For more information about the Workplace Hazard Assessment and compliance responsibilities for supervisors click HERE.