Work Rules – Contractor’s Confined Space

Work Rules for Inspection Entries in a Contractor’s Permit Confined Space

  • Inspector shall review the entry permit to evaluate the hazards identified and if the mitigation techniques are sound, based on
    their training.
  • Inspector shall verify with the contractor’s Attendant that UCFD dispatch has been notified of permit space entry.
  • Inspector shall copy the confined space permit via photographic means* and send to UConn EHS after the entry.
    * Cell phone camera photos are accepted.
  • The inspector shall monitor the space both pre-entry and during entry using a UConn confined space air monitor.
  • The UConn employee may only perform inspection tasks under a contractor permit.
  • No other work may be performed in the confined space during the inspector’s entry.
  • No manipulation of any energy isolating devices, (e.g., valves, electrical disconnects, etc.) in the space or elsewhere that could affect the energy supply status of the permit space during the inspection.

UConn EHS August 2019