Frequently Asked Questions-Undergraduate Lab Safety

Student Admin Safety Roster FAQs

  • Why is there a lock icon next to my class?
    • Sections of courses designated as a lab, broadly defined, have been assigned Safety Rosters to document safety training. An open lock means students have not yet complied with your safety training requirements, or you have not yet documented their compliance.
  • What are the safety training requirements for my course?
    • Each Instructor must determine the hazard(s) present in their course; the appropriate method to notify the students of the hazards and the type of training the students need to protect themselves and other form the hazard(s). The Safety Training Resources for Instructors HuskyCT site will help you assess your course’s training needs.
  • How do I use the roster?
    • A step-by-step tutorial has been prepared to assist you.
  • Can my TAs see the roster?
    • Only individuals with access to the Faculty Center screens can see the rosters. You can assign your TAs or other staff as Laboratory Safety Coordinators by contacting the Scheduling Office (486-3329). This will allow them access to only the safety compliance rosters. In this role, they will not have access to grades.
  • Can I combine all of the lab section rosters into one?
    • No, the rosters are assigned to each section designated as a lab. You can change the status of everyone in each roster all at once. Please see the instructions in the tutorial.
  • I don’t think my course should have a Safety Compliance roster; what should I do?
    • Not every lab has hazards. Many lab courses (computer labs, math labs, accounting labs) were eliminated before assigning the rosters. You can enter an “Exception” into the roster with an explanation that no hazards are present. If you have determined that the lab course will never have any hazards and want the roster permanently removed, please contact David Cavallaro.