Environmental Compliance Roundtable

The University of Connecticut has two annual Environmental Compliance Roundtables or ECRs.  One ECR is for the main campus in Storrs (which includes the nearby Depot Campus), and the other ECR is for the regional campuses.  The ECR – formerly called the Environmental Compliance Team or ECT – is born from the UConn’s Environmental Management Plan (EMP) as a way to foster communications about common environmental compliance issues.

Adopted by UConn in 2006 and approved by the CTDEEP in 2007, the EMP formalizes UConn’s environmental compliance policies and procedures.  The purposes of the ECRs are to:

  • Share information about environmental issues faced in day-to-day operations and maintenance activities;
  • Provide UConn staff with support and guidance to improve compliance; and
  • Inform the UConn community of changes and updates to statutes and regulations.

Both ECR groups represent University departments with operations that may have regulatory compliance responsibilities.  The Regional ECR group also includes faculty whose research activities cause them to have a role in environmental compliance.  Members include representatives from the following UConn departments.

Storrs ECR Regional ECR
Residential Life Avery Point Athletics
University Planning Design and Construction Marine Science Operation
Athletics Environmental Health and Safety
Audit, Compliance & Ethics Sustainability
Central Stores and Motor Pool Facilities Operations:
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources    Avery Point Campus
Dining Services    Hartford Campus
Environmental Health and Safety    Law School
Sustainability    Stamford Campus
Facilities Operations    Waterbury Campus
Farm Services Faculty:
Information and Technology Services    Avery Point Campus
Student Union    Hartford Campus
University Safety    Stamford Campus
Purchasing    Waterbury Campus
   Information and Technology Services
   University Safety

Dates of next Storrs and Regional meetings: TBA

Most recent meeting: December 13, 2016 Meeting Presentation