Chemical Resistant Glove Guide

Source: “Industrial Safety & Health News”, 9/97

Fabric: Natural rubber
Advantages: Low cost, good physical properties, dexterity
Disadvantages: Poor vs. oils, grease, organics. Frequently
imported; may be poor quality
Uses: bases, alcohols, dilute water solutions; fair vs.
aldehydes, ketones
Fabric: Natural rubber blends
Advantages: Low cost, dexterity, better chemical resistance
than natural rubber vs. some chemicals
Disadvantages: Physical properties frequently inferior
to natural rubber
Uses: Same as natural rubber
Fabric: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Advantages: Low cost, very good physical properties, medium
chemical resistance
Disadvantages: Plasticizers can be stripped; frequently
imported; may be poor quality
Uses: Strong acids and bases, salts, other water solutions,
Fabric: Neoprene
Advantages: Medium cost, medium chemical resistance, medium
physical properties
Disadvantages: NA
Uses: Oxidizing acids, anilines, phenol, glycol, ethers
Fabric: Nitrile
Advantages: Low cost, excellent physical properties,
Disadvantages: Poor vs. benzene, methylene chloride,
trichlorethylene, many ketones
Uses: Oils, greases, aliphatic chemicals, xylene,
perchloroethylene, trichloroethane; fair vs. toluene
Fabric: Butyl
Advantages: Specialty glove, polar organics
Disadvantages: Expensive, poor vs. hydrocarbons, chlorinated
Uses: Glycol ethers, ketones, esters
Fabric: Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)
Advantages: Specialty glove, resists a very broad range
of organics, good physical properties
Disadvantages: Very expensive, water sensitive, poor vs.
light alcohols
Uses: Aliphatics, aromatics, chlorinated solvents, ketones
(except acetone), esters, ethers
Fabric: Fluoroelastomer (Viton)
Advantages: Specialty glove, organic solvents
Disadvantages: Extremely expensive, poor physical
properties, poor vs. some ketones, esters, amines
Uses: Aromatics, chlorinated solvents, also aliphatics
and alcohols
Fabric: Norfoil (Silver Shield)
Advantages: Excellent Chemical resistance
Disadvantages: Poor fit, easily punctures, poor grip, stiff
Uses: Use for hazmat work