Environmental Health and Safety Committee

The Environmental Health and Safety Committee has a diverse membership appointed by the Vice President for Research. Members represent the Administration, faculty and staff collective bargaining units, and students. The number of employee members may be greater than the number of employer members. The Committee meets quarterly, as mandated by CT General Statue 31-40v, “Establishment of Safety and Health Committees by Certain Employers,” to fulfill its functions and responsibilities. It is charged with but not limited to establishing procedures for sharing ideas with the employer concerning:

  1. Safety Inspections;
  2. Investigating safety incidents, accidents, illnesses, and deaths;
  3. Evaluating accident and illness prevention programs;
  4. Establishing training programs for the identification and reduction of hazards in the workplace which damage the reproductive system of employees; and
  5. Establishing training programs for to assist committee members in understanding and identifying the effects of employee substance abuse on workplace accidents and safety.


Stephanie Marks, Chair UCPEA / Facilities Operations
Michael O'Dea, Vice Chair
Dining Services
Andrea Hubbard AAUP
Linda Armstrong AFSCME, NP-3
Paul Kalajian CEUI, NP-2
Patrick Selburg Protective Services, NP-5
Melissa Depaolo GEU-UAW
Richard Kula Environmental Health and Safety
Jennifer Williams Office of Environmental Policy
Aris Ristau Facilities Operations and Building Services
Sandra Shea-Crabb University Planning, Design and Construction
Alisa Geller Residential Life
Steven Garvin
Public Safety
Steven Marrotte Logistics Administration
Lisa Mieszkowicz Procurement Services
Brett Demarchi Academic Renovations
William Pecor Hartford Campus
Craig Wallett Waterbury / Torrington Campus
Stephen Casapulla
Stamford Campus
Ben Roccapriore Avery Point Campus
James Missell
Law School
Wesley Byerly, Ex-Officio Office of the Vice President for Research
Terri Dominguez, Ex-Officio Environmental Health and Safety
Tiffanie Klick, Ex-Officio Workers' Compensation/Leave Administration
Jay Hickey, Ex-Officio Faculty and Staff Labor Relations
Dawn Kemp, Secretary Environmental Health and Safety