Training Common Questions

Q: I am new at UConn. How do I know which safety training I need? OR, I was told to call EHS to find out what safety training I should sign up for?

A: Please speak with your PI/Supervisor and refer to the following tools: the Workplace Hazard Assessment for your area and the Employee Safety Training Assessment. EHS staff can also be consulted for assistance.


Q: I clicked the ‘Submit’ button on the EHS Training Schedule and Registration form but nothing happened. What do I do now?

A: Please check that you have completed all fields; they are all required. If the choices you need are not provided in one of the drop-down lists provided, please complete the applicable ‘Other’ field.


Q:How can I access the training history for myself or a group?

A: From the main training page, individuals can view their training history. PI/Supervisors or their designees can build a group training history Report or search an individual’s training record. Individuals can also view their training history after signing in to the Class Registration Form.


Q: Can I see which classes I am currently registered for?

A: When you sign in to the Training Schedule and Registration form, the classes for which you are currently registered will be listed at the top of the page.


Q: Why did I receive an annual retraining reminder even though I took the class within the last year?

A: If this happens, please contact EHS so that we can ensure you will only receive the retraining reminders you need in the future. This is likely due to a typographical error.


Q: When I registered for EHS HuskyCT online training the registration confirmation noted a date near the end of the semester. What does this mean?

A: Within two days after preregistering with EHS, your HuskyCT online class can be taken at your convenience. The date signifies the last date allowed to complete the training. After this date you will need to reregister for the next class offered.


Q: I just preregistered for EHS online training and received the registration confirmation email, but I don’t have access to it when I sign in to HuskyCT. Did I do something wrong?

A: As indicated on our web site and in your registration confirmation email, please allow up to two business days to be given access to the HuskyCT class. This is currently a manual process.