Month: December 2017

The New Face of EHS

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For the Division of Environmental Health and Safety, 2017 has been a year of assessment and building. With support and feedback from all corners of our UConn campuses, we’ve been learning what the community could use from our team to reinforce a culture of safety, complete safety training requirements, share best practices with colleagues and students, and ultimately make the University an even safer place to work, conduct research, and teach every day. Thank you to everyone who has already shared your experiences and offered your ongoing commitment to safety. And thank you ahead of time to all who will contribute in the year to come.

New and Improved Resources

Today, it is our pleasure to officially announce four new resources inspired by you, developed by EHS, launching for spring semester. If you have any questions or feedback to offer us about these resources, please don’t hesitate to contact Training and Outreach Program Manager Shawna Lesseur.

  1. EHS Moves to WordPress: Welcome to our new website! After analysis of how you, our community, use the EHS website; review of peer and aspirant institutions’ EHS web presence; and many months of vision and revisions; we have finally moved to WordPress. This new site is organized slightly differently than our old site. Notable changes include streamlining the information to make it easier to find the content you need, reorganizing navigation to help you identify materials relevant to you more quickly, and updating some of our forms and documents to make them more user-friendly. We hope that this makes your experience on our site more enjoyable and successful. We thank Yi Zhang and her team at UITS for making this possible.
  2. Semester Newsletters Return: Long-time UConn employees may remember that EHS has, in the past, distributed regular electronic newsletters. With the launch of our new website, newsletters are back. This is the first of our new series of semester safety newsletters to be distributed three times a year before the start of fall, spring, and summer semesters. We look forward to sharing with you big news in EHS resources and policies, as well as timely safety tips.
  3. Assessing Employee Training Needs Just Got Easier: Are you confident you and all of your faculty/staff have the safety training necessary to perform all of your job tasks and research safely? How about your student employees, are you sure they have all of the necessary training to keep them, your team, and your workplace safe? We’re here to help! After years of research and development, we will be launching a new Employee Safety Training Assessment online form to make it easier than ever to answer these questions. Look for it in the New Year.
  4. EHS is Proud to Support Faculty in Teaching Undergraduate Safety: Are you teaching a class this spring semester that has safety hazards? If you are among the increasing number of faculty teaching hands-on, interactive courses and traditional labs, we’re here to help you keep all of your students learning while following safety best practices. As part of the Office of the Vice President for Research and the Office of the Provost’s Undergraduate Lab Safety initiative, EHS and a multi-disciplinary Undergraduate Lab Safety Working Group have developed an Instructor Resources HuskyCT site. This new site has a course-specific safety assessment and materials to help you develop a tailored safety training appropriate for your course. Thank you to the Undergraduate Lab Safety Working Group members, Hengameh Vosough and her team in UITS, and all of the faculty/instructors who have made this possible. This is a first version, so please use the in-site survey to let us know how we can continue to improve the site for future semesters.

At UConn, everyone’s safety is everyone’s job. EHS is here to help, and we hope that these four new and improved resources will help you make the safety and well-being of our community an even greater focus in 2018.