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Laboratory Safety Training Checklist

This checklist will assist supervisors and employees with determining which, if any, mandatory training may be required for specific job functions.




Are chemicals present?

Laboratory Safety and Chemical Waste Management


Are you working in a radioactive materials lab?


Radiation Safety Non-user

Radiation Safety User

Initial, then as needed


Are human materials (blood, body fluids, cell lines) used?

Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne Pathogens Retraining

Initial, then annual retraining


Are biological agents used?

General Biological Safety

Once, then as needed

Are animals (living or non-living) used?

General Biological Safety in Animal Research

Once, then as needed 

Are laser devices used?

Laser Safety

Once, then as needed

Are x-ray devices used?

X-ray Safety

Once, then as needed

Does the lab ship biological agents?

Shipping and Transportation of Biological Materials

Once, then every 2 years

Are Select Biological Agents possessed, used, stored or other wise accessed?

Select Agent Training- Contact the Biological Safety Officer

Initial, then every year

Is this a Biological Safety Level 3 (BSL3) facility?

BSL3 Training-Contact the Biological Safety Officer

Initial, then every 2 years

* More frequent and "as needed" training may be required whenever there are changes in employee job functions, or regulations.

Optional seminars on laboratory related topics are also offered. Please check training schedules for more information, or contact Environmental Health and Safety at 486-3613 for assistance.

Check the Occupational Health & Safety Training Check List for non-laboratory training requirements.

EHS policies and other information are available from our EHS Home Page