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Committee Information

Environmental Health and Safety Committee

The Environmental Health and Safety Committee serves as the University’s chief advisory board on matters pertaining to environmental health and safety. The committee has a diverse membership appointed by the Vice President of Administration and Chief Financial Officer (VPA/CFO). Members represent the Administration, faculty and staff collective bargaining units, and students, and is made up of at least as many employee members as employer members. The number of employee members may be greater than the number of employer members. The Committee shall meet quarterly, as mandated by CT General Statue 31-40v, “Establishment of Safety and Health Committees by Certain Employers,” to fulfill its functions and responsibilities. It is charged with:

  1. Recommending to the Administration the establishment of appropriate health and safety committees, and reviewing their activities to assure effectiveness;
  2. Monitoring the effectiveness of the University’s health and safety program by reviewing accident and incident reports, policies, and other health and safety activities, as appropriate;
  3. Advising the President, through the VPA/CFO, on health and safety matters requiring major risk acceptance in University operations;
  4. Adjudicating any differences that arise between faculty and staff and the staff of EHS;
  5. Meeting at least quarterly to fulfill the Workers’ Compensation Commission requirement for a Safety and Health Committee to promote a safe and healthful environment for the entire campus community;
  6. Apprising the VPA/CFO of all Committee issues under discussion.


Kathleen Sanner , Chair CEUI, NP2
Vacant AAUP
Carol Millette AFSCME
Ryan Bangham Dining Services
Rob Passmore Dining Services (Alternate)
Vacant Environmental Health and Safety
Anthony Weston Facilities Operations and Building Services
Aris Ristau Facilities Operations and Building Services
Vacant Graduate Student Senate
Brian Gore PAES Construction Management
Hans Rhynhart Police Department
Patrick Selburg Protective Services
Shad Ahmed Public Safety, Emergency Management
Vacant Purchasing
Lisa Mieszkowicz Procurement Services
Vacant Residential Life
Vacant Student Health Services
Paul Kalajian CEUI, NP2
Richard Miller, Ex-Officio Environmental Policy, Office of
Vacant, Ex-Officio Environmental Health and Safety, Director
Teresa Dominguez, Ex-Officio Environmental Health and Safety Services, Executive Director
Dawn Kemp, Secretary Environmental Health and Safety
Jay Hickey, Ex-Officio Faculty and Staff Labor Relations
Steven Marrote, Ex-Officio Logistical Administration
Vivian Cadenhead, Ex-Officio Payroll, Workers' Compensation
Alicia Huckle Hartford Campus
Craig Wallet Waterbury/Torrington campus
Jeff DeWitt Stamford campus
Ben Roccapriore Avery Point campus
Chemical Hygiene Committee

The purpose of the Chemical Hygiene Committee (CHC) is to review, recommend, and develop policies and procedures to establish safe work practices involving laboratory chemicals. The committee shall report to the Associate Vice President of Research Integrity & Regulatory Affairs and derive its authority from the Vice President for Research (VPR). The VPR appoints committee members and the chair. The committee shall be composed of members from representative departments operating laboratories (research and teaching) in which hazardous chemicals are used, and representatives from Environmental Health & Safety.


Doug Adamson Chemistry/IMS
Mary Anne Amalaradjou Animal Science
Lawrence Armstrong Kinesiology
Robin Bogner , Chair Pharmaceutical Sciences
Christian Bruckner Chemistry
Paul Bureau Continuing Studies
Wesley Byerly, Ex-Officio Research Integrity & Regulatory Affairs
Ock Chun Nutritional Sciences
Teresa Dominguez, Ex-Officio Environmental Health and Safety
Paul Ferri, Ex-Officio Office of Environmental Policy
Charlene Fuller Chemistry
Brent Lewchik Environmental Health and Safety
Peter Menard, Vice Chair Center for Clean Energy Engineering
Brian Willis Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Cindy Hall, Committee Secretary Environmental Health and Safety

Laser Safety Committee

The University of Connecticut Laser Safety Committee (LSC) is the principal technical advisory body for all laser safety issues for the Storrs and regional campuses. The LSC, within the scope of its responsibilities, shall define and evaluate laser safety compliance with all appropriate Federal and State regulations, and University of Connecticut policies and procedures. The Committee may, as needed, draw upon member and guest subject matter expertise to assist in evaluation of unique laser safety situations. The Committee reports to the Vice President for Research (VPR).
Duties and responsibilities of the committee are:
1. Establish and maintain adequate policies and practices for the evaluation and control of laser hazards within the University.
2. Make recommendations for appropriate laser safety training programs and materials and standard operating procedures.
3. Maintain an awareness of all applicable new or revised laser safety standards.
4. Facilitate compliance within their respective Departments with laser safety standards, including federal and state regulations, and non-regulatory standards as outlined in the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z136 series of laser safety standards.
5. Review reports from the Laser Safety Officer (LSO) or other individuals with delegated responsibilities for health and safety practices of the University involving laser radiation sources, including personnel training records, laser hazard control measures, laser safety inspections, and other matters concerning use and operational hazards of lasers.
6. Assist in investigating alleged infractions of safety rules or improper use of laser equipment brought to its attention by the LSO or other responsible personnel, and recommend remedial action to correct such infractions.


The University of Connecticut Laser Safety Committee will consist of members with expertise in laser technology or in the assessment of laser hazards representing departments possessing Class 3B or Class 4 lasers. The Chair and Department representatives are appointed or removed by, and the committee is directly responsible to, the VPR. A representative from the University’s Administration and the Director of Environmental Health and Safety shall be ex officio members. Ex officio members are non-voting members attending in a permanent advisory capacity. The LSO or Deputy LSO, if one is appointed by the LSO, shall be a voting member of the committee. Members are appointed for a three-year term and may be reappointed. Meetings The LSC shall meet a minimum of twice per year. A quorum will consist of at least fifty percent of all appointed Committee members. The LSC Secretary shall be appointed by the VPR. Approved minutes of LSC meetings will be submitted to the VPR


Wesley Byerly, Ex-Officio Research Integrity & Regulatory Affairs, AVP for Research
Amy Courchesne Environmental Health and Safety, Manager/LSO
Terri Dominguez, Ex-Officio Environmental Health and Safety, Director
George Gibson, Chair Physics, Professor
Jordan Greco Chemistry, Student, PhD Program
Patrick Kumavor Biomedical Engineering, Assistant Professor
Brendan Pratt, Vice Chair Physics, Student, PhD Program
Brianna Sullivan Environmental Health and Safety, Senior Specialist/DLSO
J. Evan Ward Marine Sciences, Professor
Terri Dominguez, Ex-Officio Environmental Health and Safety, Director
Jing Zhao Chemistry, Assistant Professor
Cindy Hall Environmental Health and Safety, Committee Secretary
Radiation Safety Committee

The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) ensures that the University is in compliance with radiation safety regulations issued by Federal and State agencies and with University policies. The RSC establishes radiation protection policies; and provides direction to the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) on radiation safety matters. The RSC reviews the ionizing radiation safety program for radiation sources at the University. Instances of alleged program infraction are reviewed with the RSO and the responsible individuals. According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the RSC is the local authority having jurisdiction over ionizing radiation sources and activities at all University of Connecticut campuses with the exception of the Health Center, which has its own operational program.

The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) members are appointed by University Administration and include representatives of the UConn radiation research community, in addition to representation from the University’s Administration.  The Radiation Safety Officer is a member of the Committee.  Members are appointed for a three-year term and may be reappointed.  The Chairperson is elected by a majority of the Committee members for a three-year term.  The Committee shall meet at least four times each year.


Nathan Alder, Chair Molecular & Cell Biology
David Grant, Vice Chair Pharmaceutical Sciences
Amy Courchesne Environmental Health and Safety
Terri Dominguez, Ex-Officio Environmental Health and Safety
Rahul Kanadia Physiology & Neurobiology
Rachel O'Neill Molecular & Cell biology
Ji-Young Lee Nutritional Sciences
James Mahoney CT Transportation Institute
Wesley Byerly, Ex-Officio Research Integrity & Regulatory Affairs

Other Related University Committees

Several other relevant committees exist at the University of Connecticut external of Environmental Health and Safety.

These include:

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Institutional Biosafety Committee
Institutional Review Board