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EHS Regulated Waste Management

This page is designed to provide Principal and Licensed Investigators, Laboratory Supervisors, Non-laboratory Staff and students access to the forms and information they need to conduct the safe handling of the wastes generated in their area, including but not limited to: hazardous wastes, surplus chemicals, biowaste, regulated medical wastes, universal waste (fluorescent light bulbs, electronics, batteries, etc).

Waste Pickup/Supplies Request Forms: Biological Chemical Radiological

*For those with Chemical Waste without access to a UConn NetID call Denis Shannon at 486-3115

  • Biological Waste policies and information

  • Biological Waste Management - Quick guide (PDF)
  • Stericycle Box-Bag Unit Instructions (PDF)
  • Biological Waste Disposal Guide

    Chemical Waste policies and information

  • Chemical Waste Disposal Manual (PDF)
  • Waste Disposal Contacts - Storrs Campus (PDF)
  • Waste Disposal Contacts - Regional Campus (PDF)
  • Chemical Waste Management - Quick guide
  • What is a Hazardous Waste? (PDF)
  • Pharmaceutical Wastes - Regulated (PDF)
  • Mercury Containing Lamp Recycling (PDF)
  • Battery Disposal and Recycling Guide (PDF)
  • Drain Disposal of Chemical Waste (PDF)

    Radioactive Waste policies and information

  • Radioactive Waste Disposal - Radiation Safety Manual Appendix G (PDF)
  • List of Approved Liquid Scintillation Cocktails (PDF)

    Waste Pickup Schedules







    Chemical Waste


    Biological Waste

    Radioactive Waste




    For Biological or Chemical Waste assistance call Denis Shannon at 486-3115;
    For Radioactive Waste assistance call Roy Brown 486-0925 or Brianna Sullivan 486-1108,
    or refer to our Contacts page.